Zayed Humanitarian Forum Honors Ministry of Education As a Leader in Rendering Humanitarian Work in the UAE

  • 17 July 2014

Zayed Humanitarian Forum honored the UAE Ministry of Education as one of the supporting leaders in the field of humanitarian work within the UAE held on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research in Abu Dhabi.

Ayesha Al Siri, Director of Nutrition and Health Department in the Ministry of Education, stated that this recognition is the culmination of the Ministry's efforts and its vital role in offering continued support to different aspects of humanitarian works. Al Siri clarified that the humanitarian work being carried out by the Ministry stems from their belief in the importance of philanthropic activities and volunteering as an essential human value that leads to communal solidarity and promotes positive values ​​among individuals.

Al Siri explained that the humanitarian activities practiced by the Ministry of Education is aimed at encouraging students to make valuable contributions towards different charities, provide assistance to those who need it, not to mention instilling basic concepts of philanthropy to promote these values ​​in students by organizing various programs and initiatives. Ayesha Al Siri pointed out that the participation of the Ministry in this field is wide and varied--stressing that the concept of philanthropy takes many forms that the Ministry seeks to optimally employ in line with the interests of students.

Al Siri added: "The Ministry tries to make best use of the events that are held in this context, such as the Zayed Humanitarian Day, which is a window to allow students to participate and interact with others through volunteering, offering what they can to help.

The Ministry has contributed in increasing human sensibility among students by directing them towards a lending a hand to the peoples of the Arab and Islamic countries that suffer from the scourge of war, such as Syria, Gaza, and elsewhere."

For his part, Salah Al Housani, Deputy Manager of Student Activities and Competition at the Ministry of Education, said that the volunteering is a value that the Ministry is keen on promoting by introducing a seamless way to stimulate the minds of the students to interact with it in a positive way. He pointed out that the Ministry has specially developed projects that pertain to this aspect.

He added that in order to strengthen its humanitarian activities, the Ministry has implemented classroom and extra-curricular activities in the form of competitions and lectures in schools, in cooperation with relevant institutions that deal in this aspect, such as the Red Crescent Society and other charitable organizations.

Al Housani urged the necessity of instilling noble human values ​​in the hearts of students since childhood, as they are considered an important aspect of the true Islamic religion. He further pointed out that the role of the Ministry is to consistently inspire these values with the children.