UAE's think-tank director wins Fondazione Mediterraneo's Mediterranean Award for Diplomacy 2014

  • 26 April 2014

Dr. Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi, Director-General of the Emirates Centre of Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) has won the Fondazione Mediterraneo's Mediterranean Award for Diplomacy 2014, one of the most prestigious awards in the Euro-Mediterranean region, in recognition of his efforts to promote dialogue and knowledge-based diplomacy.

Al-Suwaidi described the award as "a recognition of the efforts and contributions of U.A.E, under the leadership of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, to the promotion of the culture of global peace and coexistence, security, stability and development across the world." "The Mediterranean Award for Diplomacy 2014 represents an incentive for me to make more efforts in the future to further promote the goal of this award as well as its mission of promoting the culture of peace, dialogue and inter-cultural coexistence. This goal also represents one of the pillars of U.A.E's foreign policy which considers the achievement of global peace as a top priority based on its strong belief that peace is the key to comprehensive development for the good of peoples and to stronger international cooperation in the face of global and common challenges." "Knowledge-based and intellectual diplomacy has become one of the tools of soft power in light of cultural changes and the widening use of social networks or new social media", added Dr. Al-Suwaidi.

The winners of this award over the years have included highly acclaimed personalities such as Nobel Prize laureates Shirine Ebadi and Naguib Mahfouz as well as heads of stats and leaders including US President Barack Obama, President Cavaco Silva of Portugal, former French President Nicholas Sarkozy, President Jose Mujica of Uruguay, King Juan Carlos I of Spain, President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, Queen Rania of Jordan, and Princess Lalla Meryem, Chairwoman of National Union of Women of Morocco (UNFM).

The award winners were announced on April 11th by Michele Capasso, President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, in a televised address from Rome at the Grand Hall of Festivals, in Fez, Morocco, where Dr. Jamal Al-Suwaidi was attending the signing ceremony for his new book – Prospects for the American Age: Sovereignty and Influence in the New World Order. The announcement was made in the presence of a distinguished gathering of senior officials, intellectuals, men of letters and culture, and members of the press in Morocco.

ECSSR's international conferences, strategic studies reports, publications and cultural activities overseen by Dr. Jamal Al-Suwaidi tackle important issues related to peace, security and development in the region and the world.

Established in 1991 in Italy by Michele Capasso, Fondazione Mediterraneo's mission is to develop dialogue between society and cultures, democracy and justice, as well as to develop tools for researching solutions to the problems that threaten peace through strategies of co-existence.

Other awards by Fondazione Mediterraneo include the Mediterranean Award for Institutions, the Mediterranean Award for Civil Society and The Mediterranean Award for Culture.