UAE, Turkey: A Need for Cooperation on Reality-capturing Strategies, Says Expert

  • 1 April 2013

Director of Istanbul Policy Center and Professor of International Relations, Sabanci University, Dr. Fuat Keyman, said the UAE and Turkey should cooperate on what he called "reality capturing" strategies and issues of vital importance to both sides.

The two strong geostrategic and economic powerhouses in a highly disturbed region, Turkey and the GCC including the UAE, increased trade and investment relations, but much more can still be done, according to Kaymen.

"We have good relations with GCC, and the UAE in particular, Dr. Keyman said in an interview conducted by Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) on the sidelines of a lecture he delivered recently at ECSSR in Abu Dhabi.

Noting that the two think tanks, ECSSR and Istanbul Policy Center, signed a cooperation agreement and a memorandum of understanding, Kaymen said the two sides are working toward more enhanced understanding between the two countries and regions.

"In order to have better scenarios for the future you have to capture the reality more accurately. But capturing reality is very difficult because of the fast pace of globalization and crises in the world. So there needs to be joint work on first capturing the reality and then coming up with policy oriented solutions," the Turkish expert said.