Sultan Unveils his Historical Book

  • 27 October 2010

A compelling historical book written by His Highness Dr Shaikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, was unveiled at the Sharjah International Book Fair on Tuesday.

Al Qasimi Publishing’s latest Arabic title Hadeeth Al Thakera (Memoirs of A Nation) is a must-read and will be available at Al Qasimi Publishing stand (No, 365) in Hall 4 at the fair at Sharjah Expo till November 6.

English speakers will also have the opportunity to buy the English copy of Shaikh Sultan’s Sard Al That (meaning autobiography in Arabic) which was launched last year’s Sharjah Book Fair by Al Qasimi Publishing.

The book contains historical events of Sharjah and the UAE. It also speaks of major milestones in the formation of the UAE, local and Arab challenges prior to its formation, the assassination of the late Sharjah Ruler, Shaikh Khaled bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Shaikh Sultan’s leadership, Ras Al Khaimah joining the union, the late Shaikh Zayed’s desire to leave presidency and how the Supreme Council members insisted he remained in power.

“In sharing my book, I want the UAE youth to know the history of the formation of their country and remember those who worked hard on making it happen. The UAE youth do not know the history and the struggles the occupant left behind before withdrawing. It was the persistence of the late Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and the late Shaikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum that made the UAE acquire its reputable stance today,” Dr Shaikh Sultan said on the opening day of the Sharjah International Book Fair.

He criticised the lack of interest of Arabs in the field of culture. He said when he went with his wife to a national museum in London, he saw visitors from all nations but did not see a single Arab there. The Ruler also explained that in a recent book fair in Frankfurt, he did not notice any works by Arab authors and so decided to translate 87 book titles from Arabic into English.

The Sharjah Ruler also announced his intention to write parts two and three of the book, with the second focusing on Sharjah’s local, regional and international cultural experience, and the third highlighting Sharjah’s knowledge and education experience
which led it to establish major universities.

“The UAE was formed on December 2, 1971 and I was elected Sharjah Ruler on January 25, 1972. Over a span of six years, life in the UAE changed. Disparity changed into union, fear into security, unemployment to employment, rejection to acceptance and we turned from a country that was financially dependent to a donor. This was the beginning.”