His Excellency Dr. Sultan Mohammed Al-Nuaimi Director General of the ECSSR on the Occasion of Saudi National Day: UAE and Saudi Arabia… “Together Forever”

The theme ‘Together Forever’, adopted by the United Arab Emirates as it joined the brotherly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in marking its 90th National Day, follows the approach taken by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (may God rest his soul in peace) in the UAE’s policy toward Saudi Arabia. Believing the two countries share a common destiny, he stressed: “The UAE stands with Saudi Arabia, heart and soul.” The theme also demonstrates the UAE’s awareness that the Kingdom’s founding anniversary is not just important for Saudi Arabia, but for all Gulf countries. Celebrating the anniversary of Saudi Arabia’s establishment, the first Arab Gulf country in modern history, affirms the solid foundations of Arab Gulf states. Despite the fact that Gulf states are relatively newly established, they have proven their ability to cope with turmoil, which almost toppled some of the oldest nations in the region.

This contradicts the myth of ‘fragile Gulf states’, propagated by some regional powers that seek to impose their hegemony on the region and its countries. An objective examination of the solid foundations of Arab Gulf countries shows that these foundations do not depend solely on oil wealth, but rather on a deep-rooted awareness among Gulf people of the significance of the state and the importance of upholding it. Arab Gulf countries have also been successful in establishing solid foundations for legitimacy, which ensure modern achievements while maintaining dialogue between people and leaders. This approach is inspired by the region’s cultural and social heritage, and provides effective and efficient institutional frameworks.

Ninety years of continued development and resilient adaptation to political, economic and knowledge transformations demonstrates dynamism within the Kingdom’s policies. This is a vital asset in enhancing stability in the Gulf region, ensuring its progress and ability to address various challenges. This dynamism is also clearly seen in efforts to further the integration between Gulf countries. Moreover, the close relationship between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE has been, and will always remain, a pillar of security and stability for Arab Gulf countries, the Arab world and the Middle East.

Over the past decade, the Saudi-UAE alliance has managed to successfully confront fierce attacks that sought to break up the region, destroy its nations and impose the hegemony of neighboring countries. Today, thanks to the efforts of this alliance, the region has been able to move toward restoring nation-state foundations capable of containing and thwarting foreign ambitions.

However, the challenges facing our countries are not limited to overcoming attempts at foreign interference, carried out under the pretext of sectarianism, while promoting extremism and terrorism. Radical transformations are also taking place in the international and regional environments, which include:

  1. The emergence of global challenges, such as pandemics and the impact of climate change.
  2. New economic realities, such as the establishment of trade hubs that undermine the geo-economic importance of the Arabian Gulf region, in addition to the increasing need to end dependence on oil as the main engine of growth.
  3. The decline in the commitment of major powers to intervene to protect the region’s security and stability.

Today, the Saudi leadership is determined to adopt policies with the potential to confront these challenges, and to transform these challenges into opportunities to strengthen the country’s capabilities and foundations. We, in the UAE, embrace the ideas of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (may God rest his soul in peace), adopted by our wise leadership, which stress that the UAE and Saudi Arabia stand together, forever.