Saif stresses on importance of ID

  • 19 March 2012

Some 6.2 million people including locals and expatriates have registered with Emirates ID so far, Dr Ali Mohammed Al Khouri, Director-General of the Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) said on sidelines of the ID World Abu Dhabi conference on Sunday.

On behalf of Lieutenant-General Shaikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Deputy Chairman of the Eida, Dr Al Khouri read out the opening speech in presence of Ronald K. Noble, Secretary-General of Interpol and other dignitaries.

Shaikh Saif underscored the UAE leadership’s keenness on developing a series of integrated technological systems through setting up an advanced and secure infrastructure for proving and confirming identities in this changing world, using the latest discoveries of modern science and preparing the knowledge, scientific and economic infrastructures.

The two-day ID World conference was opened on Sunday at the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research in the Capital. The conference attracted around 400 experts in smart ID card system and many people from different government and private sectors.

“This summit comes at a time all countries of the world are facing new challenges including the necessity of providing an integrated system of security and safety for their societies and citizens and dealing most responsibly with the modern challenges and knowing how to overcome them,” Shaikh Saif said.

“We believe that the ID World Abu Dhabi 2012 is an ideal opportunity for exchanging ideas and getting familiar with the up-to-date practices in the field of electronic ID and identification systems,” he said.  

Interpol praises UAE

Secretary-General of Interpol Ronald K. Noble praised the UAE’s national security measures in combating organized criminal activities and unearthing ID forgeries.

Noble said the UAE always stands forth with all kind of support and cooperation with the Interpol and other international organizations at different levels.

“ID forgery and other criminal activities are considered to be big threats to the security and stability of the world as such activities are growing rapidly. This made us think to find its solution and control it,” Noble said.

Noble stressed on the need for more international cooperation among communities so that the Interpol can play wider role. Today the world is facing many challenges and the security agencies in different countries spend millions of dollars to ensure security and facilitate mechanism of information exchange among countries, he said.

There is more demand for hiring security experts and reorganizing the strategic infrastructure and finding latest technologies which quickly determine the authenticity of people’s IDs, passports, visas and immigrations as well, Noble affirmed.

ID Cards in Numbers

On sidelines of the conference, Dr Al Khouri said that 6.2 million people registered in the ID card in the UAE since 2005 as 350,000 persons are registering at the Eida centers across the country per month.

The Eida card manufacturing factory in Musaffah in Abu Dhabi prints 500,000 to 600,000 ID cards per month as some 600,000 people renew their cards per month, he said.

According to Dr Al Khouri, around 20,000 people apply for new registration with Eida per day across the country.