The Opinion Poll Department, part of the Scientific Research Division, measures public opinion trends among UAE citizens and residents on a variety of topics encompassing social, economic, political and cultural issues. Based on the data collected, the department offers relevant recommendations and solutions to address the issues under examination. The department aims to serve decision-makers by providing researchers and officials with data and survey results, supported by scientific methodology and objective approaches. Moreover, the department fulfills the ECSSR’s wider objective of serving the UAE community.

It also provides opinion poll services to government and non-government entities, which are able to rely on the ECSSR as a neutral and professional research institute. In its work, the Department draws on various sources, such as field surveys and electronic polls, conducted over telephone or by email.

The Department measures public opinion trends and conducts field surveys on the various local, regional, and global issues of concern to the ECSSR. It makes the data available to researchers and decision-makers in order to enhance their strategic choices with studies supported by scientific methodology and objective approaches. This is achieved by:

  • Using precisely defined research aims and objectives to extrapolate topics of concern to the UAE, the Gulf and Arab countries
  • Designing questionnaires and research samples according to academic standards and study requirements
  • Collecting study data, over the telephone, over email or during face-to-face interviews, collating and record it on the computer
  • Analyzing the data using appropriate statistical methods, drawing on the latest best practices in statistics application

Preparing research reports and highlighting the most significant results, to support the decision-making process

  • Contribute, through regular and continuous efforts, to monitoring public opinion trends and measuring their attitudes to current issues, events and social trends to serve the decision-making process in the UAE and Gulf countries
  • Create a database of public opinion trends on a wide range of subject areas, in order to provide vital support for decision-makers
  • Cooperate with different research departments within the ECSSR when conducting surveys to further scientific research in the political, economic and social arenas, while advising researchers on questionnaire design and data analysis methodology
  • Design training programs for nationals to gain qualifications in conducting public opinion polls
  • Establish a national consultancy house for public polls, to ensure they meet requirements of different government sectors

The cost depends on the target sample and the scope of the project as it differs from one project to another



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