Zero Tolerance towards Compromising With the Security of the Homeland

  • 3 August 2015

The United Arab Emirates has been issuing strong and repeated warnings to anyone playing with fire, especially the political religious groups, rogue terrorist organizations and outlaws who threaten the security of the homeland, its institutions or its loyal people. The country has zero tolerance towards anyone imagining that he/she could breach the impregnable wall of this country and hamper the security, stability and prosperity of those living here, citizens or expatriates. What makes us feel secure is our confidence that God Almighty is taking care of this blessed land and its proud people and that its security forces are tirelessly and sincerely guarding it round the clock.

Public Prosecution in the UAE yesterday referred a group of 41 misguided people – both Emiratis and other nationalities – to the Federal Supreme Court. This is a just response to their involvement in trying to form a rogue terrorist organization. Judicial investigations revealed that members of this organization, which has embraced an extremist takfiri ideology, was planning to carry out criminal acts, endangering its security, sovereignty and the lives of its people. They planned to target the country’s figures and public facilities. This stray bunch imagined that it could pounce on the state and authority and can build their so-called caliphate to spread their extremist views. They followed their agenda in collaboration with foreign groups and were in possession of terror material including explosives and firearms.

They had an administrative structure, which consisted of a head and committees comprising cells with specific tasks and channels of communication with external fighting fronts that would also provide financial and technical support. Their evil designs reached to the extent that they shamelessly tried to attract naive young Emiratis, enlist them and feed them with extremist beliefs through falsehood and deception. They misinterpreted religion and trained them for combat and acts of terrorism by making explosives for the purpose of killing, destruction and sabotage. In the process, they intended to disrupt the UAE’s development achievements, cultural progress and social welfare.

The UAE has become a model of civilization at the regional, international and human levels. The country has been acknowledged for occupying top global positions for its economy and for being the happiest nation on the planet. The nation has become an example of unity and its wise leadership represents its people and the state under the President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (may God protect him), his brothers Their Highnesses Members of the Supreme Council and Rulers of Emirates, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces (may God protect him).

The UAE will continue to be a model of security, stability and tolerance allowing everybody to live on its soil in peace, security and harmony. This is due to three major reasons: First, there is a wise leadership that gives priority to the values of coexistence and openness and works for the interests of everyone, both citizens and expatriates. This is due to the tireless efforts being made by the UAE’s security forces which have become models of efficiency and professionalism for preventing crime, arresting perpetrators in record time and thwarting extremist elements from compromising with the security and stability of this country. Third, the people of this country march behind its wise leadership and are always ready to make sacrifices to tackle terrorist groups trying to defy the security of our homeland.