Wise Vision of UAE

  • 29 March 2009

The President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has a wise and perceptive vision of the local, regional and international situation, which is reflected in the policies and orientations at both internal and external levels, and is reflected in His Highness’ interviews and statements to the media. In his interview with Qatari newspaper Al-Watan published last Thursday, His Highness presented a profound, comprehensive and objective view of Arab and international realities. His Highness highlighted enduring Emirati policies that do not wilt under pressure of challenges. He stressed that the “Doha Summit” (held from March 30 to 31) presented a great opportunity for opening a new page in the joint Arab endeavor, in the wake of the enormous challenges facing Arabs at the political and economic levels, and stressed on the need to further strengthen and unify the Arab front. In addition, he revealed an acute awareness of the real difficulties and growing challenges confronting this endeavor. This perspicuity of views is important for the endeavor as it should begin by acknowledging the challenges and problems that obstruct the path and should deal with them openly and with honesty.

UAE’s civilized approach as being a responsible member of the international community was manifest in His Highness’ interview, especially in his affirmation of the UAE’s position over its occupied islands— Abu Moussa, Greater Tunb and Lesser Tunb—that adheres to a policy of peaceful negotiations for reclaiming the islands as well as the UAE’s acceptance of any verdict by International Court of Justice in this regard, if the case is referred to it.

Clarity, decisiveness, and openness were the most noticeable features of His Highness the President’s interview to the Qatari newspaper. He was able to precisely define UAE’s position on several international and regional developments, and cleared all misperceptions. His Highness stressed that UAE considers the US President’s message to Iran as positive and as a beginning for serious future negotiations for ending tensions between both countries. This is a clear response against some speculation over UAE’s views on the course of US-Iranian negotiations. The President His Highness affirmed that as the UAE supports the course of negotiations for settling even seemingly intractable issues for itself, it naturally supports the option of negotiations anywhere in its vicinity or in the region. The UAE has no objections towards a peaceful Iranian nuclear program, but is opposed to any nuclear program being developed for military purposes in the Middle East. This statement came as another clear explanation that it the UAE not concerned about Iran’s development of a nuclear program for peaceful purposes, but objected to any nuclear program for non-peaceful militaristic purposes not only by Iran but by anyone in the entire region, which is the fundamental policy of the UAE.