Wise Leadership is the Cornerstone of Development

  • 13 April 2010

In an interview to Emirates News Agency (WAM) recently Crown Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway identified leadership as the reason behind UAE’s miraculous development. He said it is the wise leadership of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan that is behind the progress made by the UAE in recent years in the fields of economy, education, science, tourism and construction.

The common truth underpinning all progress made by mankind across the world – whether in the ancient era or in modern times – is that no true renaissance is possible without a conscious and ambitious leadership that can manage the available resources in the country efficiently and wisely. There is no doubt that the availability of financial resources alone does not guarantee comprehensive development and does not put the country in line the league of developed countries. The essential element is the way in which these resources are managed and strengths are optimized and directed towards achieving the desired objectives of comprehensive development.

Since the inception of the UAE Federation in 1971, the Emirati leadership has demonstrated a clear vision of development and has worked continuously to implement policies and programs in order to translate this vision into reality on the ground. This has been accomplished due to the faith the leadership has had in the abilities of the country’s people as this is the basis for any progress. The country has thus focused on promoting human resource and has worked to optimize its productivity in the various fields by carrying out vast developments, creating job opportunities and charting out various means to make them the focus of all development. Apart from this vision of development, the wise leadership has also demonstrated a ceaseless ambition built on self confidence and its willingness to learn from the experiences of other developed societies. The amalgamation of these factors have led the UAE to the present level of development in a short period of time. A wise, ambitious and visionary leadership inspires confidence in its people and drives them to work hard in pursuing excellence and creativity. Such an inspiration helps people achieve the desired results, builds a spirit of competitiveness in the society and channelizes energies and capabilities to overcome difficulties in the path to progress.

Improving the lot of Emirati citizen has undoubtedly been the utmost priority for our wise leadership and its biggest motivation has been to get Emiratis the place its deserves on the global map. This also sets an example for all Emiratis in the workplace to make even greater effort and be more diligent towards forming a better future. The UAE’s success story is still ongoing and will continue to be noticed at local, regional and international levels. The support being extended to UAE nationals by its leadership and the nation has instilled a sense of confidence in them and has pushed them to take part in all spheres of activities so as to raise the country’s profile.