Vigilance and Unity in the Face of the Threat of Terrorism

  • 9 July 2014

The threat posed by the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is not limited to Iraq alone. It is expanding to the entire region, considering the roadmap the organization is trying to define. The ISIS agenda involves many countries in the region. In the name of Jihad, the organization is calling upon all Muslims to take up arms and head to the so-called ‘Caliphate’, threatening countries in the region. The organization’s strategy is to destabilize the whole region and the rest of the world.

The threat posed by ISIS has become self-evident and can be seen in its growing strength and alarming expansion. After gaining control over a number of cities in Iraq and Syria, ISIS seeks to go further into the region, especially in areas where radical religious groups and ideologies exist. ISIS uses a religious discourse that raises false hopes of the poor and the naïve. The organization promises to restore the ‘Caliphate’, avenge injustice against Muslims in a number of countries, and use domestic conflicts in some countries to disseminate its radical agenda to win new supporters.

Another threat that cannot be ignored is that the successes of ISIS might tempt other radical groups to follow suit, especially those operating in countries beset with crises. For example, Libya is confronted with terrorism which has the potential to tear the fabric of the nation. Also, Al-Qaeda is omnipresent in Yemen and threatens the stability of the country. Radicalism and terrorism is also growing in many places in Africa such as Somalia and Mali leading to concerns that these conflagrations might destabilize the region and the whole world.

Several warnings have been issued regarding the threat ISIS poses to regional and global security. They relate to the organization’s expansion strategy, its attempts to spread chaos and redraw the map of the entire region. However, a consensus has emerged over the need for regional and international unity to tackle the threat, which cannot be accomplished by one country. It’s not about ISIS alone but also about other radical and armed organizations across the region that seek to spread chaos and instability. Given that the world has realized the complexity of the threat posed by ISIS and importance of being vigilant, Iraq now needs unity among all its sects more than ever before to avoid disintegration, which is the main target of ISIS and its terrorist affiliates in the region.