Upright and Law-Abiding UAE Upholds Justice

  • 2 July 2013

The Federal Supreme Court is scheduled to announce verdict today in the ‘secret organization’ case, following months of extensive court proceedings, which were followed in and outside the UAE. The verdict will administer justice and demonstrate that the UAE abides by the law and has a competent and independent judiciary which has an impeccable record and reputation across the world. According to the World Justice Project (WJP) Rule of Law Index 2011, the UAE was ranked 13th globally.

The trial of 94 defendants in the ‘secret organization’ case over the past few months has presented the honorable image of the UAE’s judicial system at regional and international levels. Though the case had national security sensitivities, there was complete transparency and the rights of defendants, and lawyers, were upheld and guaranteed as per the highest international judicial standards. This was visible in the way the defense presented its case, the witnesses were heard and mass media, civil society organizations and the Emirates Human Rights Association (EHRA) were allowed access.

One of the defendants was even allowed to travel for treatment abroad and the medical expenses were borne by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (may God protect him). This was another proof of the UAE wise leadership and judiciary’s humane treatment of all citizens even though they were charged with planning to destabilize the nation’s security and stability. This has enhanced the UAE’s image in the eyes of the world and has boosted the citizens, expatriates and investors’ sense of security and confidence in its judicial system. This has also demonstrated the UAE judiciary’s competence to handle the most sensitive cases in a professional, independent and objective manner.

The ‘secret organization’ planned to undermine state security, stability and social harmony. However, the UAE’s institutions proved stronger in foiling the malicious attempt at harming internal security. The country’s internal security has been proved to be impregnable and the case has highlighted its citizens’ unequivocal support for their leadership and loyalty and love for their homeland by isolating those opposed to the country’s pioneering development. As a law-abiding nation the UAE ensured that standard procedures are followed. As the case draws to a close, the UAE has earned the appreciation and respect of countries around the world and international judicial organizations. It has proved the UAE’s mettle as a nation which makes prosperity and welfare of its citizens as the top priority.