UAE’s Initiatives to Tackle Coronavirus: Means of Prevention and Will of Solidarity

This good and blessed land continues to launch benevolent initiatives, expressing with creativity its heritage of valuing humanity, solidarity and compassion. The country has ensured that all residents are safe, with their well-being and livelihood secured. This remains true even as humanity experiences its darkest moments of fear, turmoil, and confusion due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the emergence of the virus spread in December 2019, the UAE – with its strong and confident leadership – has conveyed to people worldwide that the future will be brighter because with cooperation and solidarity, humankind will defeat the disease and life will regain its splendor and joy.

The country has mobilized much of its scientific, medical, and logistic capabilities to help save lives, secure medicine and health care for the sick, and evacuate people in distress from the pandemic’s epicenters. It has provided those in harm’s way with shelters set up with state-of-art services and equipment. And after being cleared from harm’s way, these individuals will return to their families bearing the UAE’s message that says, “we are your brothers, and we support and stand by you with all our strength and resolve until the crisis is over.”

The United Arab Emirates is a young land in terms of years, but mature with its peace-loving leadership and its people who willingly follow in the footsteps of their leadership, happily sharing food and medicine with their brothers in humanity, regardless of color, language, race or belief. The UAE people offer as much as they can to address and defeat this pandemic, locally and globally. They tirelessly send positive messages of hope and recovery to the world.

The UAE, with all its public and private institutions and entities, draws inspiration from its wise leadership. It is the homeland of solidarity, civilization, commitment, and discipline. The country is based on ethics and values, as well as regulations that preserve individual rights and identify obligations.

The country has launched diverse projects and initiatives, covering a wide range of areas and sectors; these are all closely connected into a harmonious system seldom seen elsewhere. All this is being done to achieve the ultimate goal of maintaining the dignity of, and a decent life for, all those who live in the UAE, whether locals, residents, or visitors. The UAE is a compassionate society that is always ready to help the needy.

This week witnessed the launch of the “Stay at Home” initiative, urging locals, residents, and visitors to stay in their homes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. And the Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an launched the “Together We Are Good” program, which was set up to activate the role of societal responsibility by opening the door for financial and in-kind contributions from individuals and companies. The contributions are then used to address the urgent societal challenges in a manner that serves society and enhances its values of solidarity. These steps aim to prevent the spread of the pandemic, mitigate its effects, and help the most vulnerable by providing them with means of livelihood. They are benevolent initiatives that require our full and committed support. This way we can pay back some of the homeland’s debts as well as contribute to the country’s relentless determination to overcome the pandemic.