UAE Opens Up to the World for Security and Development

  • 18 November 2009

President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, at the reception ceremony in honor of Victor Yushchenko, President of the Republic of Ukraine, on Monday, reiterated the UAE’s sustained efforts to strengthen its relations with friendly countries in various fields as part of  its constant endeavor to preserve international peace and security which is one of the fundamental of the State’s foreign policy.

Most important of these fundamentals is the country’s openness towards all countries giving the nation multiple foreign policy options. This undoubtedly provides strength to the UAE’s relations with most countries of various regions. Our wise leadership has always been keen to develop comprehensive ties with countries in various fields and these relationships have not just been on political considerations but also cover economic, cultural, tourism and other areas. Such all-encompassing relations not only deepen friendship but also foster greater interdependence.

The second fundamental is to direct the State’s foreign relations for the purpose of serving the country’s development objectives and by promoting economic and investment partnerships with nations and international corporations. These views, expressed by His Highness the President, were aimed at strengthening the development plans formulated by the state. This policy has helped the UAE become a leading investment destination and one of the world’s most attractive countries for foreign capital. The third constant that His Highness the President emphasized is the continuous UAE support for international peace and security efforts and the cooperation with different countries to achieve these objectives. The country believes that openness to countries and communities deepen ties and creates a positive image thereby building a conducive atmosphere for peace, understanding and dialogue. Such an approach also resolves disputes and ends negative stereotypes between the different communities. Based on these principles, and due to the wise and balanced vision of its leadership, the UAE has made contributions to international peace and security.

The fundamentals that His Highness the President reaffirmed as the basis for the country’s foreign policy explains the recognition of the UAE and its position as a country standing for security, stability and well being of its citizen that works for peace and coexistence all over the whole world.