UAE is Worthy of Hosting the International Renewable Energy Agency

  • 7 May 2009

The UAE’s official bid to home the headquarters of International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in Abu Dhabi is based on strong and objective considerations. The UAE has elicited support from various countries of the world—especially from the developing countries—to support its bid, as it is the only developing country in the fray. If it succeeds in being the seat of IRENA, it will be the first time that the headquarters of an international organization would be located in a developing country. In fact, it is only legitimate for a country that has played a pioneering and effective role in the field—both politically and economically—and in the international arena to be the venue of this international agency.

One of the most important factors in favor of the UAE is its pioneering contribution in the field of renewable energy, not only in the Middle East and Arab region but also internationally. In this context, we can cite the “Masdar” city project that is considered the first in the world for being free of carbon emissions and waste, as it would depend entirely on renewable energy. The city would occupy an area of 6kms and would cost US $22 billion. In addition to “Masdar” city project, the UAE has the largest wind energy plant in the Middle East at Sir Bani Yas Island, and also plans to produce power from solar energy. Investment in clean and renewable energy projects stood third among all investments in 2008, and there are plans to increase the investment immensely so that they reach around $500 billion in 2015.

Second, the UAE owns financial, administrative and organizational advantages that facilitate it to host the headquarters of the agency and provide it with all the important constituents in its work. As the state has led a pioneering developmental success, it has gained a lot of experience over the years in hosting and organizing important international and regional events, setting new standards of excellence that has drawn international praise and commendation.

Third, the UAE is a responsible state in the international system, which has a foreign policy that is characterized by moderation and openness. It enjoys good relations with all countries around the world, both in the East and West. It supports and calls for world peace and contributes to achieving it by all just means. This makes all countries in the international arena accept, trust and respect the UAE.

Fourth, the UAE has a real interest in the development of renewable energy sources and has a strong political will to achieve this goal and work seriously towards it. It remains at the forefront of international cooperation on this matter of great importance. This has made it a pioneering regional center in the field of renewable energy. Therefore, hosting the IRENA headquarters will give the agency a strong support on the energy map of the world.