UAE: Growing International Recognition

  • 28 June 2010

 Abu Dhabi has become a major center where several activities take place on issues facing international community and countries of the region in particular. This has been the result of its pioneering vision of development and constant focus on investing in its potential in various fields. Last week, the UAE hosted the first Arab foreign ministers’ meeting with their counterparts in the Pacific Island countries. The agenda was to find ways of developing political and economic ties between the two sides in the future. A partnership with these countries was launched in February and efforts are now being made to invest in their expertise for the benefit of the Arab world. Today, in cooperation with the United States, it is hosting the first preparatory meeting for the Clean Energy World Ministerial Conference, scheduled to take place in Washington next month. Tomorrow, it will host annual conference of the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism, in the presence of all partner countries and observers.

Abu Dhabi playing host to so many of these events within such a short period of time has major significance. First and foremost is the UAE’s ability to organize major international events on issues of concern to the international community. The organizational, economic, human and technical resources available in the country have helped achieve this feat. The country has successfully organized many such events in the past thereby increasing the confidence in their abilities. Secondly, these major events are a reflection of the confidence gained by the UAE’s policies on the issues and activities based on them. For instance, the UAE plays a leading role in the area of clean energy and development of sustainable solutions to energy. As a result, it has adopted an integrated approach to build the renewable energy sector based on knowledge through initiatives such as Masdar City, the world's first carbon-neutral zero waste city. In the combat against nuclear terrorism the country is not leaving any stone unturned to support international efforts in this direction.

These events also point to the UAE’s ambitious development, which has transcended local and regional arena to reach global heights. Abu Dhabi’s hosting of these conferences also reinforces its ambition to become a distinguished regional and international hub in the fields of economy and technology. This indeed reflects the confidence the country’s wise leadership has in its ability to invest in the state’s resources to achieve its economic goals and a unique development model. This has prompted the world to strengthen economic and technological cooperation with the UAE, especially in the areas of renewable energy. On the other hand, the UAE is seeking to benefit from these countries’ expertise in the fields of economy by strengthening its position on the global tourism and investment map. All this is proof of the international recognition of the UAE and the centrality of its role in the region and tackling issues of concern to international community.