UAE and Oman .. A Model of Cooperation and Good Neighbourliness

  • 22 July 2008

Relations between the UAE and Sultanate of Oman are characterized by their historical depth, conformity of views and cooperation that has them a model for other Arab countries to emulate. The UAE and Oman are scheduled to sign the list of final geographical co-ordinates and the detailed maps delineating the final line of the border agreement (initially signed in 2002 in Abu Dhabi) pertaining to their common border stretching from east of Oqaidat to Al-Daara, on the Arabian Gulf on Tuesday in Muscat. This agreement sets a new milestone in their relationship because it shows their collective will to resolve problems and to create an atmosphere of friendship and understanding. This collective will is age-old and was manifest in the a border demarcation agreement signed by His Highness, the Late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said of Oman in 1999, for the sector stretching from Umm Al-Zumool to East Eqaidat. The agreement was implemented within a few years despite problems related to mapping and setting up of border posts in the difficult terrain of the region.                            

The GCC faces economic, environmental and developmental challenges which can be confronted successfully only through cooperation and solidarity among its member states. The relationships between the UAE and Sultanate of Oman strengthens the joint endeavours of Gulf states and presents important lessons for joint Arab action. The first lesson is that any problem among Gulf or Arab countries, no matter how difficult or complicated they may seem, could be resolved given the collective will among the concerned sides. The second lesson to be drawn from this development is that it is pointless to delay the resolution of even such sensitive or complex issues like demarcation of border as it could fester  tensions and dispute over a period of time. The leaderships of UAE and Oman have demonstrated their courage and foresight in settling this issues and have been successful in not allowing it to affect their historic relations.

The third lesson to be drawn here is that this agreement has, in fact, strengthened relationship between the countries, which based on the preservation of mutual interests. Statistics show that the UAE remains Oman's main trading partner  and that this relationship would further improve in times to come because it is based on a strong will and joint interests.