The UAE’s Generous Donation

  • 4 October 2007

Since its formation in 1971, the United Arab Emirates has been known at the international level as a model of generosity. The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (May Allah grant him forgiveness), was a personification of generosity and reached out to those in need across the world, irrespective of their race, color or religion. Since the time President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bins Zayed Al Nahyan (May Allah protect him) assumed the leadership of the country such acts of compassion have been further enhanced, and have received due international acclaim. The most recent acknowledgement and gratitude for such works came form the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva, who expressed gratitude for the $10 million contribution by His Highness for the UN agencies operations for Iraqi refugees. The gesture came in response to a call made by the UN agency for assisting it in relieving the burden of countries hosting Iraqi refugees in the region.

The generous donation of His Highness, The President (May Allah protect him), to Iraqi refugees in Syria holds several important connotations. First, the gesture exemplifies the UAE’s commitment to the fundamental features of its foreign policy, which has enshrined providing humanitarian assistance to the needy as a cornerstone of its foreign policies. The UAE’s observance of this principle has enabled it to provide humanitarian aid and assistance around the world, without racial or religious discrimination and without any ulterior interest or objective. The second important aspect in this regard has been the UAE’s promptness in responding to humanitarian causes at the world level, for it believes such acts would promote an atmosphere of peace and stability in the world, and would strengthen the channels of dialogue and understanding among various nations. The third aspect relates to the role played by the UAE in Iraq, wherein the aforementioned generous donation by the President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (May Allah protect him) for Iraqi refugees in Syria, is a valuable addition to the overall support by the Emirati people to Iraqis in their hour of need. This support has taken different forms at various levels, and is not limited to people within Iraq, but even to those displaced Iraqis, who are living outside. The concerned Iraqis have duly acknowledged this contribution. The fourth aspect relates to the UAE’s role in the Arab world, wherein support for Iraqi refugees forms part of a permanent UAE policy that calls for providing assistance in tension-prone areas of the Arab region, such as Palestine, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia, etc. This explains the reason for the good image the UAE enjoys in the Arab world, as a country that is always welcomed by all sides.