The UAE’s Effective and Active Foreign Policy

  • 17 November 2013

The UAE’s foreign policy has been highly effective not only in boosting the country’s relations with the outside world but also in forging diplomatic efforts that serve development plans and its economy. This is highlighted in the three-year strategy (2014-16) launched by the Foreign Ministry under the aegis of UAE Foreign Minister His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The strategy is meant to maintain a clear political position to boost the UAE’s relations with its partners, bolster strategic policies, streamlining economic relations and investments abroad, apart from extending care to citizens living abroad in every possible manner.

A number of characteristics define the country’s foreign policy. It pursues openness toward all countries so as to learn from foreign experiences and gain necessary expertise to boost domestic development. Over the years, the UAE’s foreign policy initiatives have been successful in establishing a vast network of relations based on mutual interests around the world. This has served the cause of development, helped exchange expertise and facilitated the transfer of technology. Dynamism has been another facet of this policy. The UAE response to various issues has always been in sync with the changes taking place at the regional and international levels. This approach has earned remarkable recognition for the UAE and has increased interaction on a range of issues. In the process, it has also boosted the UAE’s presence regionally and globally.

The UAE believes in striking a balance in international relations as a main feature of its foreign policy. It has worked on various fronts and has helped the country forge comprehensive and effective relations with Europe, Americas, Africa and Asia at the same time. The UAE’s foreign policy efforts have not been limited to political side alone. Instead, they have extended to include economic, cultural, tourist and popular aspects as well. This is in line with the UAE’s firm belief that all these aspects are interrelated, they serve one another and lead to one goal, which is strengthening the bonds of friendship and understanding among various countries.

The UAE’s foreign policy considers peace and cooperation as a means to settle conflicts and in meeting the challenges that hinder progress, stability and development around the world. The country lends a helping hand to the needy, irrespective of race, color, faith or gender and makes tangible contribution toward regional and international stability. This explains why the UAE is regarded as a responsible nation at regional and international levels. This is also why various regional and international powers are keen to boost relations with the UAE and positively respond to its initiatives for regional and international peace, security and stability.