The UAE…an International Platform for Progress

  • 7 February 2016

Day after day, the UAE proves that it possesses a rich experience in the fields of development, administration and human resource management. These are all geared to make citizens happier and provide the requirements for a dignified life leading the UAE to top international development rankings and indexes. For this reason, the UAE’s experience now stands as an inspiring example for many countries.

A quick look at the comments of participants in the activities of the fourth World Governments’ Summit in Dubai shows the privileged status of the UAE. In this regards, the US President Barrack Obama saud that the UAE is a leading countries in terms of offering health and education services as well as in the field of renewable energy. He also expressed his country’s satisfaction at being in partnership with the UAE and lauded the Emirati leaderships’ efforts.

For her part, KJathy Calvin is President and Chief Executive Officer of the United Nations Foundation said in an address during the summit that the UAE has achieved tremendous progress in terms of youth empowerment and the promotion of innovation as part of sustainable development efforts. She stressed that world governments need to look at the UAE’s leadership and emulate its initiatives. On the same occasion, Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame lauded the UAE for its achievements and expressed willingness to cooperate with the Emirates to carry out mutually beneficial projects.

These praising remarks recognize the soundness of the choices of the UAE in terms of development and sustainability and shows the UAE’s awareness of investing in the human capital as a key for development.