The UAE: Success Achieved and Progress Made in the Field of Human Rights

  • 31 October 2015

A march of progress is not complete without the integration of all its dimensions. The United Arab Emirates confirmed this recently by winning a second 3–year term of the United Nations Human Rights Council membership. The term begins in 2016 and ends in late 2018. It is remarkable that this achievement has coincided with several international reports confirming the progress made by the UAE, which indicates that comprehensive progress means adhering to global standards of human rights alongside economic, industrial, commercial, scientific and cultural progress.

Such achievements present an honorable image of the UAE at regional and international levels. The UAE won in the secret ballot, conducted by the UN General Assembly at its headquarters in New York. The country got 159 votes, The UAE got 159 votes, the second highest vote turnout of the total votes garnered by the other Asian countries. The UAE was among the 32 candidate countries from different geographical regions for 18 vacant seats in the Council.

The UAE becoming member of the UN Human Rights Council for the second time is significant for various reasons. It is the outcome of its active diplomatic efforts and a campaign to achieve this goal. The country showcased its achievements in human rights in a convincing and honorable manner, which showed renewed international and regional confidence in its human rights record.

The achievement is a testament to the UAE’s effective participation in forums involved in human rights and its continued adherence to the highest international standards. This achievement is also the result of the consistent approach of the UAE’s leadership on the domestic front by protecting human rights, showing mercy, following standard human rights practices and maintaining the dignity of citizens and residents in the country.

The UAE is always among the first to provide humanitarian assistance around the world, irrespective of the considerations of religion, color or gender. This shows its modern outlook, which begins with fulfilling basic human needs till the best standards are met. The UAE has also taken the responsibility to express aspirations of the developing world while promoting and consolidating of human rights as a tool of progress. It believes that progress cannot be made without ensuring human rights.

The UAE’s win shows the keenness of its wise leadership to maintain human rights and create a suitable environment for comprehensive development. This is evident in the words of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (may God protect him): “Developing people is quite different from all other building processes as he/she is the main foundation of comprehensive social and economic development and it is his/her responsibility to participate in the nation’s march towards progress”.