The UAE Message of Moderation

  • 25 September 2007

The speech of the UAE President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (may God protect him), during the reception of religious scholars on the holy month of Ramadan, along with some UAE writers and intellectuals on Sunday, underscored the message of moderation adopted by the UAE since its establishment, and its espousal to people around the world. His Highness reiterated his support for the culture of moderation that distinguishes the true religion of Islam, along with its principles of forgiveness and magnanimity. He pointed out the important role religious scholars should play in advocating these principles, in making them enter deeper into Muslims souls and in nurturing sublime virtues of mercy, brotherhood, moderation, and compassion toward people.

The speech of the President carries a lot of significance and comes at the right time. The first message calls for a revival of religious discourse that is in sync with the changing conditions of our age. The President said that this revival would not damage the essence of the faith, but would respond to the all-pervasive changes of our times. This would make religious discourse effective in influencing people’s hearts and minds.

The second inference relates to the responsibility of religion in this difficult phase, as Muslims around the world are facing accusations of extremism, terrorism, and regression. The role of religious scholars is also important in Islam because they could provide clarifications and confront the designs of those who seek to distort its meaning, despite their claims of promoting it. Undoubtedly, the meeting of His Highness, the President of the UAE (may God protect him), with the scholars reflects his concern and dedication to the cause of correcting the false concepts which some elements seek to promote.

The third inference to be drawn from this speech is the message against extremism, immoderation, and intransigence that tries to hide behind the garb of the true religion of Islam, which espouses forgiveness, moderation, dialogue, and other humane virtues.

The Islamic world needs to revive its moderate values and generate conditions that facilitate their spread. The UAE has always called for the adoption of these values and supported it at various levels. May all the messages of His Highness, the President (may God protect him) during his meeting with religious scholars and intellectuals be properly understood by all the concerned parties, and the image of Islam be corrected as it faces grave dangers at present.