The UAE and Regional Stability

  • 27 November 2007

The UAE, since its formation in 1971, has been a vital and fundamental cornerstone in the security and stability equation of the Middle East, particularly the Gulf region. Internationally, the UAE is seen as an important guarantor of security in a region that is of great strategic importance and is ridden with several crises and conflicts at the same time. This explains the frequent international commendations, which the UAE receives for its policies that promote regional stability. The most recent of such compliments have come from the Chairman of the Military Committee of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), General Raymond Henault, who told Arab journalists at the NATO headquarters in Brussels that the UAE is playing a commendable role in maintaining security and stability in Gulf and Middle East regions, through its wise and balanced policies. Perhaps what adds to the importance of these statements is the fact that they come from the most senior military official of NATO, and that it has come at a time when the alliance has shown interest in the security of the Gulf with its Istanbul and Euro-Mediterranean initiatives.

Balanced policy and wise decision-making have been the two prominent features of the UAE since its foundation. Despite all tensions and crises that have occurred in the regional in recent years, those two features of the country have remained unchanged. The UAE remains a model of wisdom, moderation, dialogue, and understanding in facing all kinds of problems or crises. The wisdom that remains the guiding light for policy-making in the UAE at various levels is that the primary focus should be on progress and development. Wars and conflicts will only lead to destruction and bloodshed. It is for this reason, that the country has always been a champion of world peace and an exponent of dialogue between cultures and civilizations, as it believes that mankind shares a common destiny and that no region of the world could remain isolated from developments taking place in other parts of the world.

Based on these principles, the UAE has been the first to lend a helping hand to those who have suffered in wars and conflicts around the world. It has been at the forefront of those participating in peace-keeping operations, and the first to participate in any project that could strengthen global understanding, spread peace and promote dialogue among nations.

For this reason, the NATO official’s praise of the UAE’s role in maintaining security in the Gulf region and the Middle East is not the first of its kind, nor will it be the last. It has been building its credibility on the international scene through real policies, initiatives, and actions.