The Tragedy of Gaza: How Long?

  • 13 January 2009

Despite all efforts made at various levels for stopping Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, including the passage of a UN Resolution for a ceasefire, and despite the enormous destruction wreaked by the Israeli military machine in Gaza, and the number of dead and injured Palestinians rising in the thousands, Israeli violations of international law, its use of internationally banned weapons, and its targeting of sites belonging to the United Nations, and despite the enormous human suffering in Gaza that overwhelmed even international humanitarian organizations, the aggression continues and Israeli leaders stress they need more time to achieve their objectives. In addition, there are signs the situation could worsen and more ferocious and bloody attacks on Gaza could increase the suffering of the people.

Effective, strong and quick international action is needed to prevent this terrible tragedy as children and civilian fatalities are adding fuel to its fire, and international legitimacy faces the most difficult of tests for the credibility among nations that oppose this aggression, not only in the Arab and Islamic countries, but all over the world—East and West. Israel's daily assaults on the Gaza Strip should not be allowed to continue. The inhuman atrocities against a million and a half people cannot continue even as the world sits feebly and watches Israeli brutality unfold.

This situation cannot continue without inflicting serious harm to the whole region with its adverse repercussions continuing for many decades, as it is obvious that the movement of moderation and coexistence in the Middle East is facing difficulties, while the Israeli aggression has pumped new blood and vitality into the veins of the radical and hard-line movement, and this delivers a big blow to the prospects of peace and efforts that were made and are being made in this regard.

Israel insists on going ahead with its aggression and for this reason things could go out of control at any time, and the ball of fire could swell and engulf the whole region. If various parties were able to contain the situation from exploding on to the whole region in the past, there can be no guarantees that the conflict does not blow up now, especially as extreme tensions in the region could set the whole region on fire. One spark could ignite a major conflagration at any time, purposely or accidentally, as long as this aggression continues and if the atrocities in Gaza do not stop, as the world seems unable to impose international legitimacy on Israel.