The Israeli Threat to Al Aqsa Mosque

  • 15 May 2013

Israel has intensified its threat to the Holy Al Aqsa Mosque and is using the international community’s preoccupation with other regional developments to further its designs. This is evident in the statements made by some Israeli officials recently – who call the compound as part of Israeli territory – and allow extremists and settlers to break into the Holy premises and dig underneath the Mosque to cause its collapse. It is clear that this systematic aggression is being practiced by Israel with the intent of forcing a status quo on the Palestinians in any forthcoming negotiations, especially after the Arab League recently agreed, in principle, on a land swap between Israel and the Palestinian National Authority. Instead of showing good intentions toward this positive initiative, which demonstrates a genuine Arab desire for peace, Israel has initiated a systematic campaign against Arab and Islamic antiquities and monuments in Jerusalem, using reconstruction as a pretext.

Such acts of aggression against the Holy Mosque not only sabotage any prospect of peace negotiations but also drag holy places into this crossfire in a region where faith is dear to its inhabitants. Any damage caused to these sites is bound to trigger rage across the region considering the immense symbolic value of the Holy Al Aqsa Mosque for Arabs and Muslims. This is why regional and international peace-loving forces should stand up to the aggressive Israeli policies and call on Israel to immediately stop acts that threaten regional and international peace and stability. The Middle East is in dire need of peace and stability and cannot afford a new source of tension.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has called on the Arab and Muslim countries and the international community for action against Israeli settlers’ aggression on the Holy Al Aqsa Mosque. During the closing session of the permanent representatives of the Arab League, UN Security Council, the European Community (EC) and UNESCO, Abbas asked the Arab League to shoulder their responsibilities toward the Mosque as a leading Islamic site for Palestine and the whole world. He called for immediate action to expose Israel’s designs to divide the Mosque between Jews and Muslims. Palestinians can only foil such Israeli plots against the Palestinian lands, people and religious places by closing their ranks, bridging differences and putting the Palestinian house in order.