The Futility of Conflict in the Palestinian Arena

  • 2 June 2009

All sides in the Middle East are keenly awaiting the visit of US President Barak Obama to the region, his speech at the Islamic University in Cairo, as well as his position on the Palestinian cause.  The regional and international political scene is replete with ideas, initiatives and plans for the Israeli-Arab peace process and is studying ways to revive it. Israel is making frantic efforts to present its views aimed at scuttling all that has been achieved in the peace process, in a bid to continue Judaization of Jerusalem and expanding the building of settlements. Meanwhile, the Palestinian arena seems to be preoccupied with the absurd conflict between Hamas and Fatah movements, which led to the deaths of six people in an armed conflict in the West Bank recently. In addition, the marathon national dialogue is moving in endless eddies and there is little hope of it ending soon. Although the next round is scheduled for the beginning of July, it is expected to be the last round following recent statements by Hamas that it is considering to end its participation into the national dialogue.

Some Palestinian forces cannot see beyond their internal conflict. They are no longer aware of the growing regional and international dangers besetting the Palestinian cause. They are no longer concerned about anything, but their own narrow interests and want to achieve illusive ‘victories’ that point to the failure of their cause and a fall in their global approval.

The first priority for Palestinian forces at this critical juncture facing the Palestinian cause should be to unite their ranks and fight together to confront the danger that threatens everyone in the occupied Palestinian territories without exception. They should also come up with a consistent national view for dealing with the world in order to reverse the poor image of the Palestinian cause internationally that has been marred by Palestinian infighting.

What is happening in the occupied Palestinian territories, especially the Hamas-Fatah conflict seems to many observers and interested people in the Palestinian cause and development as being hard to understand and accept. Challenges and dangers surrounding the Palestinian cause and the decisive period it is in must eliminate any internal conflicts no matter how big and deep and all sectarian and party interests should be set aside when confronting them.

The Palestinian forces’ struggle and fighting present a great service for Israel and it extremist government presided by Benyamin Netanyahu. This government is working on eliminating the Palestinian cause and facing regional and international pressure on it in order to come back to the peace process. Within this situation, the biggest question of Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims and all believers in the rightful Palestinian rights is: till when will this absurd conflict, which harms the cause every day, continue?! ‬