The Face of Terrorism in Iraq

  • 22 July 2013

Official reports released by Baghdad, the United Nations and human rights organizations point to the fact that the number of casualties of terror, violence and bombings are on the rise in Iraq. The vicious cycle of violence has claimed 500 lives and around twice as many people has been wounded since early July. This is in addition to the 2,500 people killed in the country during the past three months as per UN reports. Alarms have been raised regarding the possibility of a new wave of civil strife.

The outbreak of violence and organized crime, and the international reports warning against chances of a civil war, should prompt all politicians in Iraq to seriously ponder over the unbearable consequences of such a scenario. They must understand that Iraqis are paying the price of terror that strikes children, women and old people in mosques and markets indiscriminately. Such mindless violence has not even spared those confined to their homes.

The sequence of events in Diyala, where terror strikes indiscriminately regardless of faith or sect, is a case in point. Such brutal acts of terrorism can only be stopped if all stakeholders, including individuals, politicians, army and police, stand united against it. Coming to an agreement on a national plan – where the larger interests of the country take precedence over narrow-minded personal, sectarian or ethnic ones – should be the national and humanitarian duty of all Iraqis.

The threat facing Iraq today, whether in the form of terror or in attempts to foment sedition, is directed against civilians and will persist if politicians and parliamentarians remain divided. The politicians and parliamentarians realize this fact, which supports the frequent warnings issued by Prime Minister Nuri Al Malki against the dangers of civil war and the fears expressed by Speaker Ossama l Nejaify of Iraq being partitioned under the brunt of war.

These warnings and fears go hand in hand with Iyad Allawi’s repeated claims that Iraq will remain on the verge of civil war along sectarian lines if a sound and radical solution to the present situation is not found. Maintaining the integrity, security and peace in Iraq is no less important than combating terror and thwarting malicious attempts to divide the country.