The Dangerous Israeli War Rhetoric

  • 7 February 2010

Not a day passes without the Benjamin Netanyahu government proving that a just peace based on legitimate international references is not listed on its agenda and that its dangerous moves have the potential to drag the entire region into a destructive confrontation. While several regional and international countries are taking steps to revive frozen peace initiatives in order to keep the wheels of negotiations going, the Israeli government is not only jeopardizing the peace process but is also spreading turmoil through war rhetoric and direct threats to Arab countries. Besides the threats to Palestinian and Lebanese territories – which haven’t stopped since the coming to power of Netanyahu and his rightist government – came the recent talk of war against Syria by the Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, and then the direct threat by its Foreign Affairs Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, who enjoys strong Netanyahu support. These developments shed light on a number of issues, the first being Israel’s imposition of its version of peace on the Arab world which is being done by pointing weapons and continuously threatening war, a policy which eventually leads to disastrous consequences.

Barak recently expressed this clearly when he said that the failure to reach a peace agreement with Syria might lead the country into a military confrontation and eventually an all-out war. The second issue is that as long as a comprehensive, just and stable peace is not reached between Arabs and Israel, the region will remain vulnerable and may slide into a major confrontation at any time, especially considering the rising trends of extremism and militancy in Israel’s policies. The situation gets even more dangerous when the hope for peace fades and confidence in the negotiations framework and its international counterparties retreat. The third factor is that the Middle East region is of immense economic, religious and cultural significance and the whole world should take a strong and serious stand for bringing an end to this conflict forever by convincing Israel that force, regardless of its destructive capabilities, cannot bring peace and stability. The country must be told that peace, based on justice and recognition of the legitimate Palestinian rights on the basis of recognized international references, is the only guarantee for natural co-existence within the regional framework and that the international community will not allow Israel to tamper with the security of one of the world’s most important regions that is closely linked with international security and stability.

Advanced weapons systems have not been able to ensure security and natural existence for Israel over the years yet some Israeli leaders refuse to learn the lessons of history. Major powers of the world hence must step up against rising rightist extremism in Israeli politics to prevent the region from being dragged into a conflict that might be difficult to control.