The Dangerous Humanitarian Situation in Gaza

  • 6 January 2009

Even before Israel started its aggression on the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Territory was suffering a debilitating humanitarian crisis because of a long siege and economic blockade clamped on 1.5 million Gazans. The all-out assault from air, sea and land has further worsened the suffering of the population and has turned the humanitarian crisis into a real catastrophe as corroborated by the United Nations itself. A humanitarian report released by the United Nations recently declared that Gaza is suffering from acute power outages, communication disruptions and food shortages. As hospitals rely heavily on electricity to treat patients, power outages are threatening lives of scores of sick and injured people streaming in hospitals  because of ongoing Israeli bombardment. In addition, hospitals are also experiencing severe strain due to the spread of epidemics and fatal diseases caused by the humanitarian situation.

The situation has become more critical as Israel is vehemently opposed to accepting any humanitarian truce, even the entry of medical teams into the Gaza Strip, in addition to its intense and continuous strikes that impede all efforts aimed at reducing the level of human suffering. It even prevents ambulances from performing their duties in taking the injured to hospitals.

The dangerous situation in Gaza confirms that Israel has launched a global war against the population of the Strip, and is practicing a policy of brutal collective punishment, encouraged by the lack of a strong and serious international position against this barbaric attack, which does not have any human or moral compunction in executing its savage plans.

The international community must take responsibility for resolving this inhuman situation in Gaza Strip, as there can be no justification in subjecting a million and a half people to collective punishment that violates all ethical norms, and religious and humane values known to man. It is important to give utmost priority to the rescue of the people in the Gaza Strip and put it above any other issue that Israel is trying to promote to distract the attention of the world from the appalling crimes against humanity inflicted on innocent citizens as a result of its aggressive practices.

Israeli leaders confirm that they would continue their aggression on Gaza, and that the military operation could go on for a long time. This means more suffering is in store for the people of Gaza, and this should be another reason for the world to act immediately and effectively in imposing a ceasefire, and to successfully deal with the humanitarian situation in Gaza.