The Concept of Universal Security

  • 29 January 2015

Within a few decades following its establishment in the 1970s, the UAE has managed a quantum leap in the fields of security and rule of law. The country has become a symbol of social security as it has an established judicial process, which includes strict and civilized laws safeguarding individual and institutional rights, determining relations between various segments of the society. This eventually leads to the implementation of rule of law by institutions that respects the individual and protect human rights.

An indicator of the UAE’s success in this regard has been that the capital Abu Dhabi has topped the ranking of safe cities in the year 2015, as per an Economist Intelligence Unit report. This achievement is evidence of the security situation prevailing across the UAE and not just in Abu Dhabi. The said index is made up of 40 sub-indices that cover all security-related issues including forensic security, digital security, infrastructure security and other issues that cannot be separated from the security of the countries to which these cities belong to.

The institutions dealing with security issues in the UAE – on top of which is the Ministry of Interior – do not confine themselves to criminal issues. Instead their work emanates from a philosophy based on security in its comprehensive dimensions, of which forensic security constitutes only one feature. It deals with the concept of security in a way that meets the requirements of the modern age as it is aware that the security is a shared responsibility which shouldn’t be bound to institutions alone.

His Highness Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, recently said: “Police work is incessant and innovative. It requires the experience of intelligent police officers to implement the concept of modern policing that depends on strengthening relations between all segments of the society as well as communicating with them effectively.” His Highness emphasized that the power of the police depends primarily on its relation with the public, taking into account the technologies that contribute toward strengthening security and stability.

The UAE, owing to its significant achievements in the field of security, has become a major tourism and investment destination for people from all over the world besides jobseekers. They look forward to lead a lifestyle that is modern and a social stability which citizens and residents enjoy in the UAE. A testimony to this is the fact that both Dubai and Abu Dhabi rank top in MENA region as per Mercer Quality of Life Survey 2014.

Safety and security is an important factor in making these cities reach this level of luxury and well-being. In fact security in its comprehensive form is considered one of the influential factors in making the UAE a place where more than 200 nationalities from all over the world live. They choose this country because of its culture of tolerance, openness and harmony as well as the rule of the law, which guarantees everybody’s rights and safeguards their lives and future.