The British Praise for UAE Policy

  • 13 June 2010

In a region which is replete with political, economic and security problems, ceaseless international tributes have been paid to the UAE for its stability and progress as a direct consequence of the wise leadership provided on both the internal and external fronts. The visit of British Prime Minister David Cameron to the country recently, his first after to the UAE assuming power, was an occasion to reiterate the British appreciation of the UAE and its policies that have earned respect globally. Cameroon paid tribute to the UAE’s rapid progress in various fields and attributed it to the wise policies of the President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan who has led the country into a distinguished league on both the regional and international fronts.

The importance attached to the UAE can be understood from the fact that this was the British Prime Minister’s first visit to the Arab region since coming to power and followed his visit to Afghanistan where he took stock of the situation. The visit highlights two basic factors, firstly, the importance that the British government attaches to its relationship with the UAE. Cameron said that his country has had a historic and distinguished relationship with the UAE and that his country is keen to further strengthen this. The second aspect is Britain’s appreciation of the UAE and its wise leadership’s contribution to international efforts towards stability in Afghanistan. This has also come in for praise at international forums on earlier occasions, most significantly by the Secretary General of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), during the organization’s foreign ministers’ conference in Estonia in April. His Highness Sheikh Abdulla bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, took part in this meeting and laid down the distinguished humanitarian efforts made by the UAE which became a motivating factor for NATO members and their allies in mobilizing more support in Afghanistan.

The UAE has always been keen to build balanced relationships at all levels and has succeeded due to its wise policies and distinguished diplomatic efforts that have made the country the center of the world’s attraction and a focal point for the leaders and high-ranking officials visiting the region. Besides exchanging views on the cause of instability in the region these leaders also discuss investment opportunities and economic cooperation. This is because the UAE has become an important power for regional development, works for peace and actively participates in efforts to end disputes. The UAE’s model of progress has attracted world’s interest as the country has seen massive development despite the global financial crisis the contagion of which is yet to be contained. Countries around the world are keen to strengthen economic ties with the UAE as it is a pioneering development model which brings optimism to the world’s ability to conquer the economic crisis.