The Anniversary of Unification of UAE Armed Forces

  • 6 May 2010

The UAE’s history is full of glorious days that are engraved in the memory of its citizens for their significant contribution to national unification and cohesion. One of the most memorable days is May 6, 1976 when armed forces of the country were united. This was the day on which the UAE’s true unification took shape, its power was reinforced in the hearts and minds of the Emiratis and its presence was felt by the regional and international community. On the 34th anniversary of the unification of our strong armed forces, the nation appreciates and honors the enormous efforts made by the founding fathers of our young country – especially Founder of the UAE, the Late Shiekh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – to whom goes the credit for unifying the armed forces under one leadership and one flag. The occasion has come to be associated as the shield that safeguards the country’s security and its people’s interests and achievements. It is a weapon that helps tackle attempts on UAE’s security and sovereignty.

Citizens also proudly look at the qualitative improvement that has taken place in the UAE’s armed forces in areas of arming and training. This has happened due to the support and interest shown by the president His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. His Highness has always been keen to provide the armed forces with the necessary support to enable them to play their role efficiently and successfully. In recent years, the UAE’s armed forces have become an institution for heroes where nationalism is respected and appreciated by everyone. Those belonging to these forces are regarded as the embodiment of sacrifice, devotion, courage and loyalty for their beloved country and its wise leadership. They also provide the strong fortress that defends our country, supports the forces of good and peace both regionally and internationally. The illustrious record of our armed forces in peacekeeping operations around the world confirms this.

The anniversary of the armed forces unification is the occasion that instills a sense of confidence in each Emirati. This gives rise to a feeling that with determination and dedication, the country can overcome any challenge and achieve more ambitious goals no matter how difficult the obstacle it may face. These have been the qualities on the basis of which the UAE has been able to achieve pioneering progress in all walks of life. This has led to a belief in its abilities and has given the country the confidence that it is capable of facing all obstacles and that with a strong will and loyalty to one’s country, nothing is impossible. The process of unification has not been easy and has faced various challenges on the way. But the great leaders who established the most successful unification experience in the modern Arab history were not deterred by these challenges and constraints. At the end, they achieved what was their desire, the unity and strength of UAE citizens.