Terrorism is an Ever-Present International Threat

  • 30 November 2008

Terrorism has again struck on the 26th of November to kill and maim hundreds of innocent civilians and to spread an atmosphere of fear, blood, and destruction in Mumbai, India. Terrorists this time chose India but their message is clear: the threat of terrorism is global and does not differentiate in its bloodiness and barbarity between places, religions, nationalities, colors, and races because it merely seeks to sow murder and fear everywhere.

Terrorists try to hide behind a false cover of religion which is innocent of them and of their activities which distort humanity and civilization and threatens to return the world to the age of barbarism and cruelty. But what gives hope in confronting them despite complications, problems, and the long and multifaceted war is that people the world over know their conceit and are aware of the common threat they present. The world also knows that what motivates them is a sick and misguided need to use murder and destruction as justifications for their illegitimate purposes and to spread tension and conflict between states, societies, cultures, and religions. Such an environment is what makes them thrive and commit their atrocities against innocent civilians.

The escalating terrorist operations despite the long international war against the scourge should not thwart the hope of a successful confrontation but should be a strong motivation for expanded, comprehensive, and effective international cooperation in the effort to defeat a common and committed enemy. The struggle against terrorism and terrorists should combine confronting destructive thinking that allows wanton killing, destruction, and terror together with security measures to face terrorist groups. The role of religious institutions and personalities looms large in this confrontation, as well as that of intellectuals, writers, and public opinion shapers who should expose terrorism for what it is.

The Mumbai attacks affirm the world's need to elevate solidarity, cooperation, and conciliation between its states and societies and to renounce violence and division which have become prominent internationally. The challenges are numerous and fateful and achieving victory over them requires collective action that puts those who threaten international security and stability on notice that they will not escape just punishment.

The United Arab Emirates has condemned the terrorist attacks in Mumbai and re-affirmed its full solidarity with the Indian government in its confrontation with these criminal acts. This position has always been the UAE's stance regarding terrorism because it is convinced that it is an international threat that does not only disparage religion but all humanity and civilized existence as well.