Terrorism Escalates Around the World

  • 26 January 2011

The suicide bombing that targeted Russia’s main airport on Monday, killing and wounding dozens, is the latest manifestation of a new "wave of terrorism" hitting the world and escalating alarmingly in the recent past. This was clear also in the bombing of the Saints Church in Alexandria, Egypt, and other bombings in Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc., as well as other terrorist threats, which have increased and become a source of concern for the whole world.

It is clear that the forces of violence and terrorism are reviving after the blows they have received in recent years. These forces are striving to cause maximum disorder and chaos to prove that they still exist and cause harm. It is alarming to note that these recent terrorist acts have certain disturbing facets.

First, they focus mainly on critical facilities in various countries. Hence, the bombing of Moscow Airport happened, in addition to threats of targeting airports, tunnels and roads in Europe. This has increases both human and economic losses significantly.

Second, these terrorist acts are trying to stir up civil, sectarian and religious conflicts, both locally and internationally. Therefore, they are targeting Christians in Iraq, Egypt and Nigeria, in addition to targeting Shiites in Iraq and Pakistan.

Third, recent terrorist acts show that the arena of these forces has expanded, as they are not focused on a certain country or region, but extend globally, from Egypt to Iraq, Pakistan, Russia, Europe and Africa; which indicates a dangerous increase in the numbers of terrorist groups that take inspiration from a violent and blood-thirsty ideology capable of exerting influence in spite of all efforts made within the framework of waging the ‘war of ideas’. This calls for a necessary review of what is being done in this connection, and what is to be done in the near future, especially when we know that Al-Qa’eda has transformed itself into an idea rather than a structured organization.

The recent escalation of terrorist attacks around the world reconfirms the fact that the war on terror is a long-term war which cannot be won by security methods alone, and which needs efficient cooperative frameworks to succeed; as the threat of terrorism is universal and no country is immune from its menace, and no country can fight it by itself—irrespective of its capabilities and potential.

A perusal of recent events in several places around the world shows us a strong comeback of terrorism, and it poses an existential challenge to the world. Hence, the whole world must rise up to the challenge by reviewing the methods of combat employed in recent years and by synergizing efforts at the highest levels.