Terrorism: Biggest Threat in 2007

  • 31 December 2007

Just when the world thought that it had somewhat contained the threat of terrorism by putting in place mechanisms to ensure its eradication, this threat has risen again from the ashes, like the mythical bird “phoenix,” and is posing new challenges through killings, destruction, disturbances and terror. Towards its end, the year 2007 saw resurgence in terrorist activities, and the year 2008 foreshadows new challenges with terrorism heading the list.

The recent rise in terrorist activity was not only evident in its spread from Morocco to Pakistan but showed that  terrorist forces had successfully adapted against the global campaign on terror. Therefore, the world should rise to take on these challenges in the New Year. The first thing to understand would be that the war against terrorism will be a long drawn-out  campaign, requiring patience and heightened vigilance because this war is not fought against any conventional adversary but against an elusive and changeable foe, which is usually difficult to identify. Again, this global campaign is not just related to the security front  but extends to different arenas— mainly political, intellectual, and economic spheres. The threat of terrorism issues from complex and often overlapping causes, which are difficult to deal with, unless a global vision or strategy is pursued. The second aspect to bear in mind is that terrorism is a global threat and does not affect any single country or a group of countries but is a common threat for all countries as it strikes whenever and wherever it finds the opportunity to do so. It does not believe in developing alliances but considers the whole world its enemy. This necessitates larger and effective international cooperation for confronting the challenge, because no party—irrespective of its strength and capability—would able to confront the challenge alone.

The third concern is the steady increase in the threat of terrorism, despite all the plans and the money dedicated to exterminating it as part of the global campaign against it. There is need for an immediate and in-depth review of this campaign and of the strategies being employed.

The fourth point relates to the link between terrorism and the Middle East region. Terrorism remains a global threat; still its forces have concentrated their operations in the Middle East. The number of terrorist strikes taking place in this region in 2007 corroborates this fact. This necessitates greater regional and an international cooperation in order to beat the terrible menace that is threatening security across several regions of the world, is blighting the prospects of development as well as the chances of resolving several problems that are causing widespread suffering.