Taking care of Children and Building the Future

  • 13 April 2016

Since its foundation, the United Arab Emirates has given top priority to human development and made sure to safeguard human dignity and rights based on the belief that the human capital is the genuine resource of the nation. To this end, the UAE has undertaken colossal efforts to include these priorities in national projects in line with the authentic Emirati values and traditions. Thanks to its unwavering commitment, the UAE has become a model in terms of safeguarding human dignity and rights in all fields through laws and legislation that reflect the civilizational aspect of the country. In this respect, special attention was given to promoting tolerance and protecting human dignity without discrimination on the basis of religion, race, gender, colour and sect.

The UAE has accumulated several human achievements in terms of promoting and protecting human rights. It is one of the most countries that implement human rights standards both with citizens and foreign residents. The UAE’s honourable human rights record has been appreciated internationally as evidenced by the testimonies of several international organisations and experts. As it aspires to foster its clean record, the UAE makes sure to develop human rights measures at the local level in addition to contributing to human rights fora at the regional and international scenes.

In this context, the UAE has given particular attention to the categories in need of protection through enacting legislation and laws to guarantee their rights. As part of such this endeavour, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE (may God Protect him) issued Federal Law No3 of 2016 on children’s rights. Article 2 of the law stipulates that competent authorities shall ensure the protection of the right of the child to life, survival and development through providing the necessary means for that. They shall also protect the child from all sorts of negligence and exploitation or abuse and from all kinds of physical or psychological violence. The article also provides for inculcating the Islamic faith and the pride and belonging to the national identity. Special emphasis was also laid on raising the awareness of the child as to his rights and duties towards a society characterised by justice. The article stresses that the child should be brought up on the good morals and respect for parents and  calls for including the child in all walks of social life while taking into consideration his/her age and maturity.

This law adds to the rich UAE experience in the field of protecting children and their rights. It includes the provisions outlined in international conventions on children’s rights and the recent laws and international experiences.  This law also takes into account the specificity of the UAE society and its values and offers a national framework for protecting the child including punishments for anyone who ventures to harm the child. The law advocates coordination between relevant authorities and the ministry of social development to establish units to protect the child with a view of elaborating mechanisms measures to protect the child.

Thus, this law comes as a culmination of efforts undertaken by the UAE throughout the years leading to the establishment of several national institutions and bodies. The interest of the wise leadership in building a prosperous future can only be possible through a balanced and right upbringing of future generations in accordance with the authentic values, tolerance, innovation and creativity.