Support for Stability in Yemen

  • 15 June 2013

The region in general and Gulf countries in particular understands the importance of security and stability in Yemen. It believes that the success of the country’s political process, and national dialog under the Gulf Initiative, requires greater efforts and abandoning of weapons so that a just solution on larger national issues is reached. That is why the UAE is keen for the process of transition and national dialog to succeed in Yemen.

The security and stability of Yemen cannot be achieved in isolation from its geographical surroundings, especially the GCC countries because the country adds an important strategic depth to the geography, history and mutual linkages that exist in the region. The need of the hour is a strong will and a determination to take positive steps for the promotion of national unity.

Adherence to principles of reconciliation and compromise is a must to resolve all outstanding issues. This would lead to resolving the internal crisis and would contribute to achieving domestic stability and overcoming the challenges of terrorism and its effects and the fallout on society. This is an enormous responsibility for the country and makes it necessary for them to demonstrate a spirit of nationalism.

The decision made by the UAE’s wise leadership, headed by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (may God protect him) to provide assistance to Yemen and extend support for its efforts to ensure security, stability and unity, should be seen in this context. The success of the first phase of national dialog and the launch of its second meeting reinforce the GCC countries’ conviction that Yemen is capable of overcoming all challenges. They should not leave any contentious issue unresolved as some vested interests may exploit them.

The UAE’s support for Yemen achieving the objectives of the Gulf Initiative is going to continue. Those involved in the process of national dialog should demonstrate the willingness to address the challenge of terrorism and calls for secession in the North. They must join forces to take Yemen out of the present crisis and build a new country. The national dialog conference must achieve its objectives and these outcomes should reflect the collective will of the Yemeni people. More importantly, it should contribute to the integrity and stability of Yemen and bring the cycle of violence and fighting to an end.