Strengthening UAE Diplomatic Action

  • 16 August 2010

The fifth session of the Forum for UAE Ambassadors and Heads of Diplomatic Representations kicked off on Monday. The three-day event is an important opportunity for the country’s ambassadors in the region and beyond to exchange views and enhance the performance and effectiveness of the UAE’s foreign policy, which has made huge strides in the recent past and has achieved major successes at various levels. This annual meeting allows them a direct understanding of the country’s issues and development priorities. The event is essentially a platform that links policies on both internal and external fronts. The agenda for discussion during this forum confirms that the UAE’s foreign policy is aware of its central role in serving issues of development. Besides the primary objective of enhancing UAE’s stature on the international arena this forum will also tackle other issues, most importantly, the economic role being played by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the follow up of on renewable energy.

In addition to being an opportunity for diplomats to exchange views on vital issues in the different sectors with domestic officials the forum is also an important platform for achieving harmony and compliance between the two sides. The ultimately objective for all participants is to serve the country’s interests at home and abroad. It is also an important opportunity to discuss development issues and the changes that are taking place in the regional and international environment. The various means adopted to tackle the major changes taking place around the world needs a continuous process of national dialogue that can help the country come up with policies tailored to respond to those changes. The forum has become a major platform where all aspects of the UAE foreign policy are reviewed every year and are supplemented with more development ideas.

This strengthens the performance of the country’s diplomacy and enhances its methods thereby adding to the achievements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the leadership of UAE Foreign Affairs Minister His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Sheikh Abdullah has always been keen to maintain a strong UAE presence across the world and he participates in such interactions to ensure all support that is required to achieve this goal. The UAE has a pioneering vision of development the fulfillment of which requires participation of all bodies and institutions at home and abroad with the foreign policy playing a key role. The country is hence committed to developing and modernizing policy mechanisms in compliance with its ambitious scale of development which is represented by the country becoming a pioneer at both regional and global levels.