Strenghtening Relations With the Outside World

  • 15 December 2013

The UAE is taking great interest in boosting its relations with the outside world and in forging distinguished ties at all levels with countries to identify and use various experiments that serve the national economy and bolster domestic development. A recent example is the visit of His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, to Montenegro and Serbia where His Highness highlighted the necessity of boosting and expanding relations with these countries for mutual benefit.

His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s statements demonstrate the UAE’s desire to forge a network of relations with various global powers, not only politically but also economically, culturally and academically, is driven by a firm belief that these sectors would add a new dimension to and strengthen the UAE’s foreign policy. His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s talks with President Filip Vujanovic of Montenegro and President Tomislav Nikolic of Serbia tackled the means to boost mutual cooperation in all sectors, and expand and diversify economic, commercial and the investment partnership base.

The UAE has been successful in boosting partnership with the outside world by forging an extensive network of relations with the big and emerging powers. It has intensively used the economic expertise of these powers to support the national economy, thus laying the foundation to achieve sustainable development in all fields. This is strongly corroborated by various positive indices which show the UAE’s leading global position on the international investment map, either by possessing shares in international corporations or by attracting a large number of international investment agencies to carry our giant projects locally. The indices also indicate that the UAE occupies a high commercial and financial position and has become a favored destination for leading international corporations. They have also testified to international confidence in the UAE’s trends and policies vis-à-vis regional and international security and development-related issues, thus encouraging various countries to develop and bolster commercial and economic relations with the UAE.

The UAE’s foreign policy is characterized with dynamism and efficiency, not only for its role in boosting bilateral relations with many countries of the world but also for diplomatic efforts to serve national development and economy. A case in point is the UAE Foreign Ministry’s 2014/2016 strategy which is aimed at supporting strategic economic policies, to help economic relations and out-of-country investments to grow and promote national economy.