Steady UAE Support for Palestinians

  • 19 October 2013

The UAE is doing its best to support the Palestinian people in every way possible to help them overcome the difficult living conditions and to fully restore their national right for an independent state. According to the UAE Ministry of Development and International Cooperation’s Foreign Aid Report for 2012, the UAE donated half a billion dirhams to humanitarian, charitable and development projects in the Palestinian territories in 2012 — four times the amount donated in 2011, and a 40 percent increase over the sum offered in 2010.

The UAE’s support for the Palestinian people is not only comprehensive but is directed toward promoting sustainable development. The UAE has been a major supporter of the Palestinian people and seeks to enable them and the Palestinian Authority achieve freedom, independence and decent life as any other sovereign and independent nation. This was categorically stated by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan in his speech marking the 41st anniversary of the UAE National Day. His Highness had pointed out that “The UAE strongly supports the Palestinian people’s efforts to reclaim their legitimate rights and their right to a state with Jerusalem as its capital. It is our belief that Palestine remains the core issue for all Arabs and that a just and comprehensive peace is only possible if Israel fully withdraws from occupied Arab lands and commits itself to the principles of international legitimacy, the land-for-peace formula and the Arab Peace Initiative.”

The UAE is also keen on alleviating the suffering of Palestinian refugees and on improving their living conditions, driven by a firm belief that to neglect these concerns will be a recipe for disaster. The UAE’s multi-pronged approach focuses on offering various kinds of financial and economic assistance. It is involved in financing infrastructure projects in Palestinian Territories, either directly or indirectly, and has called on the international community to bear its political, legal and humanitarian responsibilities toward Palestinian refugees as part of a comprehensive effort toward a final resolution. In addition to the political support accorded to the Palestinian cause, regionally and globally, Palestinian Territories usually get the lion’s share of UAE’s foreign assistance, according to UAE Foreign Assistance Report for 2012. The Report highlights the assistance provided by UAE donors to carry out healthcare, social and infrastructure projects.

The support of Palestinians is based on a consistent UAE policy that regards Arab and Islamic solidarity as essential. It translates the UAE’s various charitable and humanitarian initiatives to strengthen regional and global development, peace and security and sets the UAE as a role model for humanitarian efforts.