So That Lebanon Does Not Fall Prey to Civil War Again

  • 11 May 2008

Lebanese state and society is witnessing nowadays a very dangerous stage of armed conflict between supporters of the ruling “majority” and “opposition” factions, which has led to the killing and injuring of scores of people and has destroyed a lot of public and private property. These events may lead Lebanon to face a second civil war which results will be more catastrophic and more destructive.

As a matter of fact, these dangerous developments facing the Lebanese arena are a consequence of the perpetuity of the political freeze and the failure of Lebanese parties to overcome this crisis through comprehensive and serious national dialogue. Therefore, the violent and bloody events witnessed in Beirut did not surprise many, given the persistence of the political stalemate and the constantly escalating situation. If the situation is not immediately controlled, however, things may soon take a more dangerous turn.

Undoubtedly, everyone would suffer from the threats confronting Lebanon. All political forces and movements should remain mindful of the situation because these dangers would drive Lebanon to a critical situation. In the same context, this dangerous escalation would have dangerous and negative consequences on the overall situation in the Arab region, which is witnessing several crises and cannot afford to have another major disaster. Definitely, the consequence of the slide in Lebanon toward civil war will not be borne by the Lebanese and the Arab people only but by the whole region.

In fact, the possible dangerous consequences of the aggravation of the situation in Lebanon should force every concerned party to play its own part. First, all Lebanese parties should wisely respond to the crisis and establish peace and tranquillity to pave the way for “real national dialogue” which puts national interests ahead of the private interests. Dialogue is the only way for resolving the crisis and all political forces should be aware that there is no substitute to it. If the mission is to save Lebanon out of its present disastrous situation the responsibility first lies with the Lebanese themselves. Arab countries should also play they important role not only because Lebanon is an Arab country but because Arab states can put Lebanon on track for a national reconciliation. The Arab League should take the initiative, clear the impediments and find solutions for the internal Lebanese differences, as well as take a united Arab position paving the way for a comprehensive and integral solution of the Lebanese crisis.

Lebanon is living still going through a dangerous phase that bodes ill for all sects—Shiite, Sunnite and Christians—if the situation remains. The whole of Lebanon will be a loser in such a scenario. The only players to win would be the enemies of Lebanon and those of the Arab Nation. Will the wise Lebanese and the Arab people come together to put an end to the crisis before it blows up?