Promoting Comprehensive Scientific Research

  • 25 February 2015

Scientific research which is carried out for a social cause, and which seriously strives to seek solutions to the challenges facing the society, definitely lays down the foundations of progress. It is also a key to the process of development and aspires for a future full of confidence and ambition. Those that care about and acknowledge thinkers and researchers and provide them the right environment are truly developed countries, which are capable of competing in the international arena.

The ‘Knight of Arab Studies’ award accorded to His Excellency Dr. Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi, Director General of the ECSSR, by the Arab Producers Union, which is affiliated to the Arab League, should be seen in this context. The prestigious award is given only once in a lifetime. The award demonstrates an appreciation of his numerous contributions which have enhanced the value of scientific research in confronting the challenges facing Arab and Islamic communities. Terrorism has been the biggest of these challenges.

H.E. Dr. Jamal Al-Suwaidi’s latest publication, The Mirage, is an important example of what an enlightened thinker and researcher can achieve by boosting the concept of Arab national security strategy. The book refutes the false premise raised by political and religious groups and neutralizes their objective of spreading myth to fool people. The book also highlights the failure of these groups to practice politics and govern the countries they ruled. The mixing of religion with politics is a major threat that menaces not only Arab but also Islamic communities.

The Mirage is a major reference for students, researchers, decision-makers, media personnel and all those concerned with the phenomenon of political Islam. This is a comprehensive book which analyzes Islamist groups. It adopts theoretical and practical approach and is based on scientific research with Arab and foreign references. The book has greatly contributed toward boosting Arab and Islamic awareness of the danger posed by these groups. It emphasizes the power of the intellect in tackling terrorism and extremism as well as deploying sound research and strategic studies in serving the cause of progress and stability across the world.

The Arab and Islamic worlds are in dire need of contributions from thinkers considering the challenges facing them in today’s day and age. These thinkers are, in fact, concerned with the progress of these societies, their development, welfare and coexistence of their people. The Arab and Islamic worlds also need the contribution of these thinkers in order to get an ideological perspective that defines the problems and challenges faced and the way to overcome them.