Promote Opportunities for Palestinian Reconciliation

  • 28 October 2008

Current international and regional challenges necessitate the consolidation of efforts for Palestinian reconciliation for putting an end to the political and internal divisions between Fatah and Hamas movements which adversely affect the peace process as well as increase the suffering of Palestinian people, which has allowed Israel to extend its violent campaign against the Palestinian people and continue its settlement activities in absolute disregard of international law. Undoubtedly, these challenges impress upon Palestinian parties to close ranks to avail of the current opportunities and bridge the severed links among Palestinians, which have adversely affected Palestinian issues.
Hamas' recent declaration stating its readiness for talks shows the requisite elasticity needed for Palestinian dialogue, which is scheduled to commence on November 9 in Cairo, and marks an important step for strengthening national reconciliation due to various considerations, including the emergence of political will to resolve Palestinian discord that has lasted for over a year, and promises to help Palestinians and their just cause in their effort to reclaim their lost rights and stolen territory from Israeli occupation. In addition, Hamas' position shows it has retracted from its earlier reservations over the draft for the reconciliation process, as proposed by Egypt to Palestinian factions. This was made clear when one of Hamas' leaders stated that the movement would accept the Egyptian draft "without any modifications". This is an encouraging sign for the preparations of a Palestinian national dialogue.

The success of Palestinian dialogue cannot be accomplished through the issuance of statements and press releases alone or by making periodic demonstrations of flexibility. It requires a real and sincere political will to find solutions to the problem, which emanate from a strong conviction that the regional and international situation is not favorable for the Palestinian situation in the wake of the recent developments taking place in the Israeli arena and the announcement of early elections which may bring the Likud Party to power, the party which is known for its radical and extreme positions, that could scuttle the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis and keep it frozen indefinitely. Several Palestinian and Israeli observers have warned that the call for early elections in Israel would put an end to the negotiations that started between Palestinians and Israelis immediately after “Annapolis Conference” held in the US by the end of last November. This is not good news for Palestinians, and the problem calls for the implementation of immediate and practical steps for putting an end to the period of tension which has been prevailing in the past and underscores the need for national reconciliation.