Principles of the UAE Foreign Policy

  • 20 May 2010

The President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan reiterated the salient features of the UAE’s foreign policy while receiving the credentials of four new ambassadors to the UAE on Tuesday. Speaking on the occasion, he also stressed to Emirati diplomats the need for commitment and respect towards the United Nation’s charters and international laws while performing their duties outside the country. He said this helps establish relationships with countries based on mutual respect and non-interference in their internal affairs and with a commitment to resolve disputes with dialogue and peaceful means. His Highness said that the UAE’s foreign policy clearly reflects these principles and that explains the country’s credibility in the international arena and the noticeable progress it has made in its relations with countries around the world. This has also been the reason behind the support the UAE has received for its initiatives in the region and beyond and has also lead to diplomatic triumphs.

These principles emphasize that the UAE is a responsible player in regional and international arenas and is a pillar of stability in the region. It regularly contributes towards maintaining international peace and has always expressed strong commitment for these principles either within the ambit of bilateral relations or under collective frameworks. By doing so, the country has set a pioneering example of compatibility between words and deeds while practicing foreign policy. While the new ambassadors presented their credentials before him, the President not only reiterated the principles of the country’s foreign policy he also revisited the deep strategic importance of the respective countries they represent.

His Highness said the UAE’s foreign policy involves three fundamentals, the first being expansion of ties which adds to the country’s image and enhances its international presence but also puts extra burden on ambassadors and increases their responsibilities. He also said that the ambassadors’ mission does not end with a political role but also involves bridging of cultural and economic divides between the UAE and the countries they represent. Through them a cultural and humanitarian cooperation can be spread and a message of peace and moderation can be conveyed, His Highness the President said. He also said that those serving the UAE citizens abroad are performing major UAE diplomatic missions in the context of the country’s interests in serving the mankind and making them the top developmental priority. References made by His Highness during his meeting with the newly appointed ambassadors represent a significant political platform that links the UAE with the outside world and reflects the country’s philosophy and its role in the international arena. It is his words and directives on occasions such as these that lead the way for those responsible for their positions, at home and abroad.