Preserving Constitutional Legitimacy in Yemen

  • 1 March 2015

The UAE’s decision to move its embassy from Sana’a to Aden, where the legitimate President of Yemen Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi is based at the moment, emanates from its concern for the Yemeni people and its support for constitutional legitimacy. There no doubt that this legitimacy resides with the office of President Hadi and his government. A communiqué issued by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Foreign Ministers Council recently called for the need to implement the conditions of Gulf initiative, launched in May 2011, and implementation of the outcome of national dialog through a political process, which was agreed upon regionally.

Moreover, the UAE always calls for the need to implement all international resolutions in the matter and backs the resolution on Yemen issued by Security Council (No. 2201), which was passed with consensus in February. The Council renewed its strong commitment to the unity, independence and security of Yemen as well as its support for GCC’s efforts to help bring about a political transition in the country. The Council condemned the Houthis’ action of dissolving the parliament and occupying government institutions. It expressed exasperation over violence being perpetrated by the militias, children being mobilized, government officials being imprisoned and attacks on private households, places of worship, schools, healthcare centers and infrastructure. As per international resolutions, these atrocities have marred the political transition in Yemen and constitute a threat to its safety, security, unity and rule.

The UAE has always supported the imperatives of international resolutions, namely, the importance of bringing into effect the GCC initiative as well as the outcome of comprehensive national dialog. These include a new constitution for the country and effecting general elections on time to avoid any further deterioration in the prevailing situation in Yemen. Moreover, international resolution calls upon Houthis for an immediate and unconditional withdrawal from Sana’a and government institutions as well as ending atrocities against the Yemeni people and legitimate authorities. It calls for handing over all weapons arrogated from military and security institutions as per the Peace and National Partnership Agreement under the auspices of the United Nations.

The UAE, GCC and the Arab world support the Yemeni people and their expectations in the face of crises thrust upon them by Houthis. At the same time, the international community should take a firm position to strictly penalize the rebels who have usurped the constitutional and legitimate rule, denied human rights and destroyed infrastructure. Leaving Yemen in its present state without resolving the issues will create an extremist and violent environment and lead to more terrorist attacks not only in the region but also across the seas as terrorists do not heed geographical boundaries. They perpetually seek to extend their reign of chaos so that they perpetuate their acts of terror.