Positive Contribution toward Arab and Global Intellectual Pursuit

  • 5 April 2014

The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) is always keen to participate in various Gulf, Arab and international events. The Center believes that culture plays an important role in bridging the gulf between communities and in promoting values ​​ that positively contribute to enhancing communication among people of Gulf, the Arab countries and people around the world. The ECSSR participation in the 16th Bahrain International Book Fair, organized by the Bahraini Ministry of Culture recently, should be seen in this perspective. The ECSSR also participated in the 8th Riyadh International Book Fair held in March and in the 45th Cairo International Book Fair held in January. The ECSSR will also take part in the London Book Fair, which is scheduled to be held from 8-10 April, 2014.

The ECSSR’s participation in these book fairs and the great demand witnessed for its various publications hold major significance. Firstly, the Center is keen to enrich the Gulf, Arab and international culture scene, as these exhibitions are an important window for showcasing new publications and are also platforms for intellectuals and media professionals to exchange views on Arab and international issues. During these events, lectures are held on different subjects and important issues are discussed. Discussions across the various Gulf, Arab and international platforms have become necessary considering the events that are taking place in the region and around the world.

The recent participations are also consistent with the ECSSR’s primary objective, since its inception in March 1994, of serving the Gulf, Arab and global community, and contributing toward spreading awareness, culture and knowledge. The ECSSR is always keen to showcase its latest publications, which tackle various strategic, political, economic and social subjects of interest to the UAE and GCC countries and those related to the Arab world and global developments in general. The ECSSR realizes the importance of positive engagement on various issues and seeks to build intellectual capital.

There is also a significant demand from academics, media professionals and members of the public for the ECSSR’s publications during these exhibitions. This demonstrates the Center’s standing among international think-tanks and is the result of its focus on scientific criteria in different sphere of activities. This is also due to the ECSSR’s objectivity and its ability to provide comprehensive strategic insights on local, regional and international issues. The ECSSR’s approach is based on creativity, innovation, modernization, and diversity of information and data collection. Its publications have become an essential source of knowledge, and reference material in universities and libraries around the world. The ECSSR’s presence in Gulf, Arab and international events has become a focus of attention because it always offers new ideas in the field of scientific research and strategic issues.