Peace Aborted

  • 30 April 2008

Israel's continuing attacks in the Gaza Strip—that are killing and injuring scores of people, including women, children and the elderly, are devastating Gaza's infrastructure, and are fomenting a dangerous humanitarian crisis have aborted all hopes of peace between Palestinians and Israelis. These attacks clearly expose the hollowness of Israeli claims at the international level, such as Israel is a seeker of peace, harmony and coexistence. It is strange to note that Israel has increased its attacks in the Gaza Strip just after Hamas declared its willingness for a long-term truce. Israel also  was averse to former US president Jimmy Carter's visit to the region.

This simply means that Israel does not have the will for real peace. For this reason, it keeps aborting any relevant initiative in order to maintain the alarming humanitarian situation, to carry out its attacks, and to maintain the imposition of economic blockade on Gaza Strip to starve its citizens. One can find several examples of missed opportunities for the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis this year itself. It is unfortunate to note that Israel is worsening the situation in order to carry out its comprehensive plan to wreck Gaza through military means. For this reason, the international community should take serious steps to prevent the Israeli war machine from destroying hopes for in the future.

The aforementioned facts send out an important message to various Palestinian forces, the fact that unity among Palestinian factions is the main impediment in confronting Israeli attacks in the coming period. For this reason, Palestinians await a real willingness for dialogue and agreement, which puts an end to the political and geographical divide between the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and checks Israel from exploiting internal Palestinian differences to carry out its plans to impose Israel's debilitating version of peace. For this reason, Cairo has been making efforts to bring about a compromise between Palestinian factions, to fill the void between them and to unify Palestinian ranks  is to offset the Israeli agenda which is expected to escalate in coming months, as peace process deliberations revive in the Middle East.