Paradoxes Facing Palestinian Situation

  • 25 October 2010

The query that is made time and again, not only in Palestinian arena but also in the rest of the Arab world, is that if Palestinian factions do not reconcile under these difficult circumstances then when would that happen? A dangerous and unprecedented situation confronts Palestinians in view of the Benjamin Netanyahu government’s insistence to go ahead with its settlement plans, which is part of its efforts to Judaize Jerusalem and implant West Bank with colonies. This will consequently lead to liquidating of the Palestinian case on the ground. Israel also recently threatened to re-occupy territories which it withdrew from in the West Bank and there are reports that the country might even be planning for a new aggression on the Gaza strip. While that represents one side of the spectrum the other side is a sordid tale of division among Palestinian ranks. On this side, whenever there is one step taken on the road of national reconciliation several steps backward is witnessed.

There are disputes over the venue of the reconciliation talks, its contents and conditions. These are obstacles that make the case go round in a vicious circle of hindrance, postponement and dispute upon matters that are not entirely objective. Despite the escalating Israeli danger that threatens to liquidate the Palestinian position the Palestinian side stands divided. This makes people in and outside the Arab world wonder as to what makes the two most important Palestinian factions – Fatah and Hamas – continue to have differences even when the Israeli danger surrounds them both and is escalating in an unprecedented way? Nothing justifies the continuation of disputes between Palestinian factions, irrespective of the nature and cause, especially when the Netanyahu government holds on to its extremist positions regarding settlement and calls on the Palestinian side to provide continuous concessions.

These moves stem from its awareness of the weakness of the Palestinian stand due to political and geographic divisions between West Bank and Gaza strip. Dispute between Fatah and Hamas has become a dagger in the heart of the Palestinian cause despite the passage of time and the need to define national priorities by all segments of the society. What has to be agreed upon by everyone is that the Palestinian cause is above all factional issues and that the interest of a Palestinian nation should be above all partisan interests. It has to be understood that defending Al Aqsa against the onslaught of fierce Judaization will need an end to disputes regardless of their severity. Each day that passes without reconciliation will add to their woes and will tilt the balance against them on the international arena.