Palestinian National Consensus is Imperative

  • 23 March 2008

Undoubtedly, Palestinian national accord has become absolutely essential in the wake of ongoing conflict between Fatah and Hamas movements. Gaza Strip is reeling under a debilitating Israeli blockade due to Hamas' control over the territory since last June. This blockade has led to a tragic scenario. Existing statistics show that over 70% of Palestinian families in Gaza Strip live below the poverty line 42% of which face acute poverty. In addition, unemployment has risen by over 37%. In this context, one can explain the importance of current efforts at mediation to bring Fatah and Hamas closer. Undoubtedly, these efforts assume great importance, but their success depends on the existence of sincere political will on both sides. If this political will exists, the next most important move would be a positive and flexible approach by both sides. To put their differences aside would require compromises, or else their animosities would persist that could lead to the outbreak of catastrophic situations. This fact should be clear to both parties: Fatah and Hamas.

The inability to avail opportunities of dialogue would merely cause difficult circumstances in the occupied Palestinian Territories. Palestinian people are paying a heavy price for this escalation in Fatah and Hamas rivalry. The price of this internecine feud has increased in the wake of its devastating impact on the Palestinian situation, which has currently reached dangerous proportions and a highly critical situation. Undoubtedly, the prolongation of this futile conflict would seriously undermine the Palestinian cause. Palestinian and Arab peoples are paying a heavy price for the realization of their dream of an independent country, in accordance with terms of resolutions of international legitimacy.

Both Fatah and Hamas movements should overcome their mutual differences in order to resolve the present critical situation, which has dragged the Palestinian problem into deeper trouble before the present grim humanitarian situation in Gaza becomes more appalling for Palestinians living there.