Palestinian Dialogue Enters a Deadlocked Impasse

  • 21 May 2009

The UAE’s domestic and foreign policies, as well as its decisions and strategic choices are a major force for stability in the region and a bastion of security and peace in the Arab Gulf and the Middle East. They ensure that relations between countries of the region are based on understanding and dialogue and not on confrontation or conflict. This has been the basic approach and orientation of the state since its inception.

Over the years, the UAE has adopted this position on all issues facing the Middle East, and is widely recognized as an advocate of peace. It has always actively participated in every endeavor to achieve, enhance and consecrate peace. It distances itself from any hostile policies and always works on employing dialogue for settlement of problems. It has made this approach a fundamental principle of its foreign policies even if the matter relates to the occupation of its own territories, as is in the case of the three occupied islands (Abu Moussa, Greater and Smaller Tunbs), where the UAE has adopted peaceful measures for recovering them. In all its regional and international relations, agreements and understandings, the UAE takes into consideration the security, and stability of the region and the safety of relations between the countries of the region. It always believes that the problems and differences, no matter how severe, can be resolved through dialogue, cooperation and mutual understanding of positions and policies. Although the UAE is acquiring the most advanced and modern weaponry, to strengthen and modernize its Armed Forces and to equip it with the most sophisticated military technology, it has become a model for pursuit of armament for strictly peaceful purposes, which is aimed solely at protecting its security and stability based on its conviction that weakness invites aggression and that national development gains need to be secured and protected. The UAE Armed Forces have always been on the side of justice and legitimacy. The country has not only supported regional peace but also international security by participating in peacekeeping operations in many areas of the world.

The belief of the UAE in peace and civilized coexistence between countries of the Gulf and the Middle East and its untiring efforts to consecrate regional stability are an integral part of the philosophy of governance.

Politics to the UAE is the philosophy that promotes development of nations, and to achieve this development it is also important that the state enjoys security and stability. For this reason, it is reasonable to view the UAE and its policies as an epitome of wisdom, maturity and balance, as well as a bulwark of stability in the regional arena.